Senin, 26 Januari 2009

moment to remember  

i remember..
our high school moment with you, Jude.

every single moment still playing in my mind like a movie scene.
i remember the way you walk from your class to boys rest room.
i remember the way you're playin basketball in basketball court in front of my class.
i remember the way you laughing at me when we work on mading.
i remember the way you eat tempe goreng in my room.
i remember the day when you pick me from my house and we're going to PC lake to build our camp.
i remember when we watch "pentas seni YPK" on GOR PKT with adela and zainal. and then we walk around PKT and then you bring me to my house and after you're home we have a telephone talk.
and the most...
i remember when we were crying at your house because of our conversation in your bathroom.
i remember everything about you, i remember everything about us. i remember everything, dith.

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